FSU Grant Benefits Visually Impaired Students

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Florida State University has received a huge grant to benefit students with visual impairments.

The university won an $800,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education to better train teachers to educate students with low or complete visual impairment.

FSU graduate student Charles Hill says anything to help in the education of those with impairments is a plus.

"New technologies come out every day, but having the teacher understand what the students’ needs are, and the student understanding what he or she needs to know to be able to access those services, will make a larger impact," said Hill.

This grant will help train student teachers in the Miami area through FSU's satellite campus.

Sandra Lewis, an associate professor with FSU's Department of Childhood Education, Reading and Disability Services, says around the country there is a need for some 5,000 teachers who are trained to educate visually impaired students.