New Bicycle And Walking Trail

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Bikers and walkers will soon reap the benefits of the city's efforts to get people back to work.

Tallahassee Commissioners approved additional funding to build a new bicycle and pedestrian trail Wednesday night.

The Campbell Connector will bridge the existing St. Marks Trail to the Jack McLean Park on Paul Russell Road.

City Commissioners are anxious to push this and other construction projects to the bidding process so that more local jobs will soon be available.

"We're designing them. As soon as we get them finished, we're putting them out on the street. We want to get that money, like I said, get that money out into the market and circulating," says Gabe Menendez with the Tallahassee Public Works.

The city is spending 618-thousand dollars on the new trail... and the Federal Department of Transportation is to reimburse the city up to that amount.


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