Tourist Development Probe in Gadsden County

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The Gadsden County Board of Commission has decided to stop operations of the Tourist Development Council until further notice.

The council monitors how many people stay in the rural community and pay a half-cent bed tax.

Money from the tax promotes various functions in Gadsden County that would attract more visitors, but county officials are putting a hold on the organization because they say members are instead using the money to award grants and enter contracts.

Andy Gay, a member of the Tourist Council, said, "It gives council and commissioners a chance to step back and make sure we can identify some clear operating procedures in how the council works and make sure we're in compliance with what the state says we can and can't do, so it's probably going to be a good thing."

The commission plans to take a closer look at the TDC's spending plans and make sure there is no conflict with the group or with the bylaws as mandated by the state.