Gadsden County Superintendent Takes on New Role

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Gadsden County's superintendent is embarking on a new role, serving as dean of students for a day.

Superintendent Reginald James showed up unannounced to shadow counselors who deal with discipline prone students at East Gadsden High School.

James wants to work in various capacities, gaining firsthand knowledge of different jobs throughout the district. It's also a means of talking to students and teachers about the day to day problems they encounter.

Reginald James said, "As a school leader you always have administrators say I need this or that, and by being here firsthand you get a better field for what really is needed, and it's easy for them to talk to me because I've been there with them for a whole day and watch them through the entire process.”

For the next six months the superintendent will step into a different role, all in his quest to become an effective leader for Gadsden County students.