Local Woman Goes International With Website

By Ben Wolf
Monday, November 13, 2006

Andrea Pixley shows a fellow military wife a photo album filled with memories of being stationed all over the world with husband Jeff, an officer in the Air Force.

In 2001, Jeff was deployed to Saudi Arabia.

"I didn't know what to expect and so I went online looking for information, mostly maybe a support group, and I didn't find anything," said Andrea.

That's when Andrea took action. She created www.4military
designed to support families with all aspects of military life. It quickly caught on.

"Africa, Singapore, Iceland, Greenland, just all over," Andrea added.

Whether you're looking for a recipe or just someone to talk to about missing a loved one, this website has it covered.

"We're going to be leaving here in about a month and it's very helpful to just kind of vent on it, talk to some other spouses on there about just the whole moving process," said military wife Bev Allen.

Andrea has had big successes such as reuniting a woman with her father through her website, but it's the successes of making military families feel comfortable everyday that's the reason for the site.