The Quincy Courthouse Lit Up in Pink and Blue

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By Trenton Davis
10:05 p.m., 11-13-06

Tony and Jessica Miller's twins, Anna and Owen, were born ten weeks premature, both weighing close to three pounds at birth and spending 56 days in intensive care, then nine more under supervision at home.

"They had problems because their birth weights were so low. Their lungs were underdeveloped. Both of them were on vents. Both came home on oxygen," said Tony Miller.

The Millers said March of Dimes research enabled their children to have healthier lives.

"As soon as they got of the NICU monitors they started taking off and you really couldn't tell the difference. They have been steadily progressing," added Miller.

The March of Dimes tried to increase premature birth awareness in Gadsden County. Pink and blue bags were lining sidewalks and the courthouse was bathed in the colors. There have been more than twenty infant deaths so far this year in Quincy. Some directly related to premature births.

"We're all in this together in trying to improve the health of babies as well as moms and pregnant women," said Penelope Tiam-Fook, the event organizer:

November 13 was Premature Awareness Day and the community did its part to make sure everyone knew.