Two Teens Busted in Burglary Spree

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Nestled along Lake Iamonia, Lake Iamonia Drive North in the Killearn Lakes Plantation neighborhood appears quiet and calm. Lately though, anything but.

A rash of home burglaries has neighbors on edge.

"It is surprising. It's a dead end street. There's always someone home at the time. We have three law enforcement agents that live on the street, so it’s unusual," said Mike Smith, who's lived on the street for more than 20 years.

Leon County sheriff's deputies say they've caught the two culprits, 19-year-old Philip Batchelor and 16-year-old Chase Morris. While breaking into one house, the homeowner, home at the time, heard her back door kicked in.

“Quickly she was able to get a look at the suspects and give detectives a description. The search for the teens led investigators down Deerlake Drive West where the suspects were caught in broad daylight,” said Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesman Chris Chase.

"While searching their vehicle and during the arrest we were able to determine they had possibly been involved in another burglary."

That wasn't the only other one. Chase says the same two may also be responsible for a third. This may be a wakeup call for residents as the holiday season approaches, a time when deputies often see an increase in crime.

"I'm gonna make sure my doors are locked and my dogs are on guard," said Smith.

Deputies say keep your home well lit and keep valuables like holiday gifts away from windows.