Jackie Pons Sworn In

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The Howell Building was packed with friends and family applauding Jackie Pons. He took an oath as Superintendent of Leon County Schools.

Jackie Pons said, "I'm humbled. It's an honor."

Now that it's official he says it's time to get to work finding a principal to take his place at Deerlake Middle School.

Jackie Pons said, "The process right now is to go ahead and interview several individuals we have and put in an active principle that will be at Deerlake Middle School. I hope to get that done as quickly as possible.”

But Assistant Principal Shane Syfrett said he's not too concerned because Pons taught staff and students how to work together and prepare for anything.

"We're a team, and our teachers, our parents, our community, everything works so smoothly. We have a great working relationship and we always no he's simply a phone call away if we need him right then."

Laura Brooks, a guidance counselor at Deerlake Middle School, agreed.

"We actually can sometimes read each other's minds and just feeling and knowing what needs to be done. Then we have that positive attitude. Everyone's willing to chip in and go above and beyond, fill in where we need to to make things work."

It’s all a product of teamwork, something Pons and everyone at his former school agree on. Pons is still principal, but he's also now the superintendent. While it's a lot, he says he's just trying to do his best balancing both roles.

Pons hopes to have a new principal at Deerlake Middle School by December 1, but he says it could be even sooner.