Medical Minute: Boost Your Baby's Brain Power

Jessica Meeker is a parent's dream. She graduated high school at age 12!

"I'm 18 and I have a masters degree."

But having a smart child starts before they're even born.

Lise Eliot, Neuro-Scientist, said, "About 20 percent of a child's IQ can be influenced by prenatal experience."

Number one on our list is to take Choline supplements. In animal studies, skimping on Choline permanently damages fetal brain chemistry. Take 450 milligrams a day.

Number two is get your thyroid checked. Children born to mothers with untreated thyroid disease during pregnancy scored seven points lower on IQ tests.

Next, see your dentist. Having periodontal disease during pregnancy increases the risk of having a preemie by more than seven-fold.

Number four, get moving! Researchers found women who exercised had smarter children at five years old.

Also, gain the right amount of weight. Putting on about 20 percent of your ideal body weight will ensure you'll have a child with a higher IQ.

Breastfeeding is number six. In one study, breastfed children scored three points higher on an IQ test than those who were formula-fed.

Number seven, take iron. Without it, critical areas of the brain don't grow.

Finally, stress can damage a fetus's brain by restricting blood flow. So take a deep breath and ensure your baby gets the best start in life!

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