Florida's Governor-Elect at Capitol

Crist took part in a Cabinet meeting where he was the only no vote on restricting fishing in the keys. He also answered questions about what comes next.

Gov. Jeb Bush is handing off the baton. He and Charlie Crist, Florida’s next governor, appeared together before a state Cabinet meeting.

Crist was immediately hit by tough questions on insurance rates and electronic voting machines.

Charlie Crist said, "Let’s monitor what’s happening in Sarasota and let the secretary of state do some great work down there."

When Bush didn’t get a handout during the Cabinet meeting, he joked about being a short timer.

Gov. Jeb Bush said, "In all seriousness, this is not a sad time for me. I’m really proud of him and I’m, you know, I’ve had a great ride."

There are just over 40 days in Jeb Bush's administration, and while he clearly still holds the reins of power, you can feel that power shifting.

A full security detail is already assigned to the incoming governor. For his part, Crist looks slightly tired. He has just over six weeks to organize a new government.

Charlie Crist said, "This is sort of the first public appearances I’ve had. I’ve been busy and we’re gonna continue to work hard."

The inauguration will take place January 2 at noon on the Capitol steps.

The next six weeks will be busy ones for the governor elect. Crist has to assemble his own team and come up with a new budget to submit to the state Legislature.