Boy Scout Leader Busted for Online Porn

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An assistant Boy Scout master was supposed to be a role model for children. It turns out he was breaking the law because of children.

Fifty-three-year-old Daniel Walsh is accused of soliciting sexy photos from a young girl. What Walsh would later find out is he was really chatting from his home computer with an FBI agent in Ohio posing as a 14-year-old.

"We received information from the Ohio Police Department that in fact Mr. Walsh had initially started a conversation, and within minutes had sent pornographic materials."

The police report shows Walsh was communicating with a girl named "Tina green eyes." Deputies say he began sending her sexually graphic pictures. They say he called them "x rated" and at one point asked the girl to masturbate. The Boy Scouts of America immediately stripped him from his duties.

"There's no question it’s surprising. I think the big issue here is this type of behavior is not tolerated here and our concern is about the children and making sure that no scouts were involved, and at this point we don't know yet," said executive director Chuck Ezell of the Suwannee Area Boy Scouts.

As a mother in Tallahassee, Jennie Taylor says she always questions where she drops off her children. Whether it’s school or at an extra curricular activity, she says parents can't assume their children are always in safe hands.

"Well, you think they are. You hope they are, but a lot of times you don't check, you just kind of assume that somebody else has done it."

The Boy Scouts says it did do a background check when he first became involved more than five years ago.

All of this happened just in the last few months, and deputies said this may not be the only incident; there may be one or two other young girls he was chatting with.

Deputies say when they served a search warrant at his home he was caught red handed, actually online with the fictitious 14-year-old girl at the time.