Leon High School Makes the Largest Donation This Season

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A walkway built of canned goods will help feed the hungry over the holiday season.

"It just got into this huge thing, you can just smell the can drive. I went to get cans yesterday and I swear to you, I went into Big Lots and there weren't any left," said Brit Garner, a Leon High School student.

Because all the canned goods are at Leon High, students were issued a challenge. The name of the game is "Can the Principal Food Drive.”

Students are busy gathering, sorting, and stacking thousands of cans into Principal Hanna's office. From there the donations will be sent to the Second Harvest Food Bank to help feed those less fortunate over the holidays.

"There are people who don't have food, there's people who can't enjoy all of that, and it's the least we can do as students," said John Coppins, a Leon High School student.

"There is not another school in the country that can compare to the student body we have here at Leon High School. This is just an example. We challenged our kids and set a goal of 10,000 cans when we started this ‘Can the Principal Drive’ and we didn't think we were gonna make it," said Rocky Hanna, Leon High School Principal.

Not only did they make it, they exceeded their goal and made it the single largest food donation so far this season with 13,095 cans.

The canned goods will head to the food bank Monday and help feed nearly 18,000 people in the Big Bend area.