DUI Campaign

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It's been said that friends don't let friends drive drunk.

"We do a lot more than the whole animal house thing."

The Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers had friends who we're killed by a drunk driver and now they want to educate others about the dangers.

Ben Brown, President of Kappa Sigma, said, "Sarah Brown and Gary Stern were in a car accident and they were really good friends with the fraternity. The brothers of this fraternity thought it'd be a good idea to start an alcohol awareness program."

They've created a program called Brothers' Keeper because they say they see drinking and driving as a problem around campus.

Ross Haley, a Kappa Sigma member, said, "I do see it in other students and some frats, even our own. I mean, it does happen

Police say the number of DUIs for the city of Valdosta has increased by about 12 percent so far this year over last year.

CAPT Brian Childress with VPD said, "You see those numbers rise and that worries us a little bit, but it also means we're out doing a better job detecting."

The VPD has increased its number of patrol officers and awareness programs focused on students.

Hayley added, "It shouldn't take someone passing away to get the message out, but unfortunately a lot a people’s eyes don't open until someone close to them does pass away."

Both students and law enforcement officials hope this collaborative effort will put a stop to drinking and driving.

The VPD does have a zero tolerance policy, which means if you're caught drinking above the legal alcohol limit, you're going to jail.