Doggie Hotel Opens

By Julie Montanaro
November 17, 5:30pm

It's a tail wagging trend that's sweeping the nation, and it has arrived in Tallahassee. It’s a luxury hotel for pampered pooches, and this one is run by a vet tech in a tuxedo.

Lu Lu is the first guest to check in at the Divine Dog Hotel. Her owner says a typical kennel just won't do for a girl with a rhinestone collar. Fifty five dollars a night for a dog?

"Would you pay that for your kids? Because I would!" quips dog owner Danielle Wilcox. "She's my baby!"

Hotel Owner Rose Liva took us on a tour.

"Welcome to the Divine Hotel. We have 14 suites. This is the Eleuthra Suite."

"Named after the islands of course?"

"All in the Bahamas."

The Divine features spacious suites and a host of creature comforts; a window, a TV, a night light, even turn down service with a biscuit.

"We have dinner and a movie every night, different movie every night."

"And what movies do dogs watch?"

"Last night was Otis and Milo, that was last night. I think tonight we're going to do Black Beauty."

Owner Rose Liva admits to "putting on the dog," even installing video cameras so far away owners can check on their furry friends 24-7.

"Some people would say $55, television, Internet cameras, isn't this a little over the top?"

"Yes, but that's what I would want for my dogs and that's the whole reason we built it."

Dogs go on two nature walks a day and four business walks.

What's a business walk you ask? You know.