Enrollment in Madison County

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Enrollment figures are in and two school districts in the Big Bend area are seeing a decline in student population.

Fourth grade students at Madison Central are in an intense math session, and while these kids’ work is adding up to success, state officials say the school's population is subtracting at an alarming rate.

Lou Miller said, "Most of the students that we've lost have actually moved away because of the job."

School officials say hundreds of residents lost their jobs when the Smithfield plant closed its doors and most of the parents decided to move with the company or relocate to other states.

Administrators say although Smithfield played a negative role in low enrollment numbers, it has some positive effect on teacher-student ratio.

Miller added, "We have experienced a teacher shortage all across the state and in Madison County, and with having fewer students that helps us make our class size reduction numbers.”

The district will also see numbers dwindle on funds they receive from lawmakers.

Miller also said, "So if were 100 students down then that's going to be about $300,000 less."

Still, teachers are taking the news in stride knowing they won’t allow low enrollment figures to box them in their performance.

The goal as always is to help students turn the pages of academic success. Madison and Franklin Counties are two of the districts in the Big Bend with fewer students enrolling.

Franklin is seeing close to a five percent decline.