Eight Men Busted on Drugs

Four men are in federal custody, indicted on federal drug charges. Four more are behind bars in a local jail. Authorities say all eight were major drug players and now they are off the streets.

Authorities raided a Franklin County home on Southeast 12th Street Thursday. They came up with 130 grams of crack cocaine, 3.5 grams of powder cocaine and 73 grams of cannabis.

More drugs were also found when search warrants were executed on another home in Carrabelle and one in Wakulla County. Eight men are under arrest.

Mike Mock, Franklin County Sheriff, said, "We're going to continue to fight this drug problem. I really feel that we made a step toward cleaning up our county yesterday. It's one of the biggest drug seizures and arrests since I've been the sheriff. I really feel like we're making progress."

U.S. marshals nabbed Robert Lattimore, Wardell Gordon, Marvin Benjamin and Antoin Benjamin. They are in federal custody and have been indicted on federal drug charges.

Patrick Fleming, Rudolph Bats, Lorenzo O'Neal and Robert McAnally are in the Franklin County Jail.

The sheriff said, "The investigation is not completed yet. There is still a lot of legwork to do."

Seven vehicles were seized during the searches, plus about $2,200 in cash.

Both the Franklin and Wakulla County Sheriff's Offices have been working on this drug investigation jointly with federal drug agents and U.S. marshals.