Presidential Visit Has Tallahassee Talking

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With former President George H.W. Bush walking the streets of Tallahassee, people around town are talking.

One person who was there for the emotional speech says it shows George HW Bush's human side.

"It goes to prove that he's human just like the rest of us. Of course, it’s different to see a world leader in that position, but it shows how much he cares for his family, particularly his children," said Tyler Sirois, who works for the Governor's General Council.

Bill Jordan, who has met the 41st President personally, says he's always happy to see the Bush family in Florida.

"I think it’s absolutely fabulous. Any time we can get either he or his son or either one of his sons, I think it’s just fabulous."

The former president left Tallahassee without speaking to reporters. Gov. Jeb Bush leaves office on January 2 when Governor-elect Charlie Crist is set to be sworn in as governor.