Dorian Wayne Penton Remembered

Love is in the air in Woodville, Florida, that's where you'll find dozens of people pouring out their hearts and pockets for a family who lost their son last month.
Whether it's playing their favorite blue grass tune or throwing around the baseball in the park or frying up their favorite fish, the community of Woodville is celebrating life and the life of 11-year-old Dorian Wayne Penton. Penton died the morning of August 16th, when his older sister fell asleep while driving home from a bowling alley. Saturday, Dorian's friends, family and teammates gathered at J. Lewis Ball Park to raise money for Dorian's family while remembering the good days. "We won the league last year, and Dorian was our first baseman. He was our power hitter for the team, "said Red Sox Little League Coach Tracy Forester. The Red Sox team that now misses one of it's stars that always seemed to shine brighter than the rest. "He was real confident, always had his head up and got ours back up," said teammate Robby Coles. Dorian's older sister suffered broken ribs and serious injuries, but has sense recovered.