Double Murder Trial Continues

By Julie Montanaro
December 5, 7pm

Ballistics experts have taken the stand in a Tallahassee double murder trial.

Former FDLE Crime Lab Analyst David Williams testified about the bullets and casings found in the car where the bodies of Jamila Byers and Bryan Dyson where discovered.

Williams says based on the location of the shell casings, the shots came from inside the car and were all fired by the same gun.

"If there's a casing found on the floor of the driver's floor board, would you expect that there if the shooter was outside the car?" asked prosecutor Kathy Ray.

"No," Williams replied.

Ryan Hubbard is facing two counts of first degree murder for the 2004 slayings. The murder weapon was never found and Hubbard's attorneys contend that none of the guns seized from his Orlando apartment matched the 45 caliber bullets, casings or fragments found at the scene.