Hubbard Not Guilty in Murders

By Julie Montanaro
December 7, 6:40pm

The verdict in a Tallahassee double murder is in, and the verdict is not guilty.

Ryan Hubbard hugged and celebrated with family while the families of Jamila Byers and Bryan Dyson sat shell shocked across the aisle.

The jury deliberated for more than 10 hours over two days and shortly after 3 p.m. announced it had a verdict.

Ryan Hubbard was found not guilty of the murders of Jamila Byers and Bryan Dyson.

Byers’ grandfather left the courtroom muttering, "My granddaughter's dead and nobody killed her."

Her grandmother is stunned.

"For her to have to die like that, shot in the back of her head, I know he did it and they know he did it. God knows he did it," said Jamila Byers' grandmother. Mary Woodard.

For Ryan Hubbard, who has spent the last two years in jail awaiting trial, it was sweet relief.

"I thank the jury. I feel like justice prevailed, I just, I don't know, I'm excited, I don't really, I don't know what to say," said Ryan Hubbard after the verdict was read.

His wife, Venus Hubbard, said a guilty verdict was her greatest fear.

"It would have meant him never coming home possibly, or possibly the death penalty, but again, that's behind us and he's coming home and that's all that matters."

Hubbard says he doesn't know what he'll do first. He's just anxious to go home and be with his family.