Teen Report: Cheating

By Lucy Carter
December 7, 2006 6:43 pm

Even for the most honest student, the temptation to cheat is just too much to overcome in the quest for good grades. Students say the demand for good grades puts a strain on their academic careers, often making cheating a tempting option.

Holly Thomas, a student, said, "The tests are hard, the homework’s hard, and I see a lot more people turning to look over at their neighbor’s answers during a test."

Students realize the risk if they are caught in the act.

Tyler Price, a student, said, "What the test is really showing is whether you know this material or not, and if you're cheating you're claiming to know something that you really don't know."

Studies show academic cheating among high school students has risen dramatically over the past 50 years.

Thomas added, "Because teachers didn't push you as much, you didn't have as much stuff on you all at the same time, so I definitely think the stakes have gotten higher."

Students say the pressure is on since many standardized tests determine college careers.

Tiffany Maxwell, a student, said, "I surely do think cheating is a problem in schools today, probably from starting at grade 10 because you have to pass the FCAT and you're pressured by your parents to do that."

Academic cheating is even showing up in movies, which glorify the idea of "beating the system."

Technology is even used as an aid to cheat. Students say they use calculators to store answers, text message tips to friends and even take pictures of the tests.

A word of advice from other students: think twice next time you cheat; making the grade isn't always worth it.