Moody Is a Finalist

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Thursday night many people gazed over posters and spoke with Air Force officials to get a better glimpse of what may be a large expansion to Moody Air Force Base.

"Moody's happy to be one of the three finalists in the whole process and we're going to do everything we can to support the process," said Col. Les Martin.

Moody, along with Barksdale and Arnold Air Force Base, are vying for the chance to host the common battlefield airmen training program, CBAT.

Col. John Bukowski explained, "It's designed to provide out airmen with combat skills training to make it more effective when they deploy overseas."

Moody would employ an additional 2,600 instructors and train more than 14,000 airmen a year.

Valdosta resident Tim Carroll said of the news, "Moody is currently one of the big economic engines to our regional area and obviously, any addition CBAT can bring will add to that even more.

CBAT would need to build on Moody’s base and use about 9,000 acres nearby.

The Air Force is conducting environmental studies. A final decision on where the CBAT will land will be made in early 2008.

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