Kidnapping Investigation Growing

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The Leon County School Board and county officials are working together on finding the man who may have tried leaving the Ruediger Elementary campus with a child in tow.

The sketch of the man will be on yard signs at all Leon County schools, and two huge billboards are up in other Tallahassee locations.

"Putting the billboards out and putting the yard signs out will help to make sure that we let the community know that we are all in this together and we've gotten together to do everything we can to ensure our students will be safe," said Jackie Pons, Leon County School Superintendent.

"It's great because it's a very good composite of the suspect in this case and it helps the children to see it on a regular basis and know what this particular bad guy looks like" said Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff.

Pons also said he hopes to get security cameras into all the schools by next year.