Jeb Bush Looks Back on His Time as Florida's Governor


Gov. Jeb Bush says he’s adjusting to entering private life after eight years in the public eye.

“And so now I show up as a regular guy and try to get furniture orders to come and they don’t quite have it the way that I would have organized it, and I gotta keep my mouth shut,” he said.

In a wide-ranging farewell interview, Bush talked what he has learned as governor.

“I’ve learned to have more patience,” he said.

His biggest regret is that he didn’t communicate better when he tried to end affirmative action with his One Florida initiative.

“We didn’t continue to work it to make sure people saw the benefits of this.”

Gov. Jeb Bush called the 2000 election an out-of-body experience, and says having to deal with the aftermath of 9/11 was one of his biggest surprises.

“You have to mobilize the resources and people towards these great challenges and it makes the job very, very rewarding."

Gov. Jeb Bush says he’ll wake up January 3 with nothing on the agenda and that he’ll take his time figuring out what the next phase of his life will be. He continues to say running for president or U.S. senator are not on his agenda, but he does leave the door open to something bigger.

“And I don’t know what it will be, but I hope to be remembered by a larger body of experiences than what I’ve had so far.”

And when it comes to being an ex-governor, Bush is promising to stay on the sidelines and out of Charlie Crist’s hair.