Record Lows Expected


We're still two weeks away from the official start of winter, but Jack Frost isn't hearing it; he'll be nipping at our noses Friday night.

WCTV meteorologists say most of the area will dip into the twenties into the night and in some areas, temperatures may even fall to the high teens. The record breaking lows are already creating icicles in fountains at Tallahassee Nurseries. The chill is too much for some to handle.

Alfred Claud said shivering, "This is too cold for Florida, much too cold for Florida."

Roxann Campbell added, "This is a little crazy cold."

The freezing weather means it's time for you to mind your P’s:
- Protect people
- Protect your pets
- Protect your plants
- Protect your pipes
- Practice fire safety

Josh Laws said he's used to this kind of chill, hailing from up north.

He said, "I have the preparations already and clothes so I can stay in and enjoy the cool weather."

Keeping your P's in mind, Animal Services officials ask that you keep your pets indoors if you can. If not, Stephanie Sikorski with Tallahassee's Animal Services Center said, "If for whatever reason they have to stay outside, you want to make sure they have are provided with adequate shelter, whether it's housing for them, you can add extra blankets in there, make sure they have extra food and water."

Once your furry friends are inside, turn attention to your plants.

Jason Rock with Tallahassee Nurseries said, “Anything flowering, anything tender, ferns, house plants, poinsettias this holiday season, you want to get them inside or in a frost cloth and frost cloth that reaches all the way to the ground and is secured."

Now turn to your pipes, keep them dripping so they don't freeze. When you move indoors, fire officials ask you to practice the final P. "Practice fire safety" with heaters, especially when using space heaters.

Keep them away from furniture, drapes and anything else that can catch fire. If you're in the market for one, there are several types to choose from.

Home Depot's Tracy Garrison said, "I recommend a ceramic heater. They're more energy efficient."

State Emergency Management officials are also recommending you install at least one carbon monoxide and smoke detector per floor in your home. Finally, it's going to get cold, but don't forget, you live in the south. The heat and humidity's not too far away!