Cheerleaders Ready to Compete

By Julie Montanaro
December 8, 7:05pm

Some of Florida's best cheerleaders will soon converge on Orlando to strut their stuff.

A squad from Tallahassee is hoping to make the trip to prove that spirit isn't always measured by how high you can jump.

Seventeen girls from Gretchen Everhart have their hearts set on performing in that statewide competition. All these cheerleaders have special needs.

Coach Jacklyn Pittman said, "We have to take our time with the girls and practice, practice, practice, practice and more practice."

And while staying on beat and mastering moves can be challenging, the Lady Owls have spunk to spare.

"We did good. My cheerleaders did awesome. I want to be captain forever," said squad leader Brittany Norman.

Marjawana Morris said, "I like it because I'm the best cheerleader at Gretchen Everhart school with my friends."

With four coaches rooting them on, the girls practice every Friday, ready to prove that when it comes to spirit they can shake their poms with the best of them.

The Lady Owls are one of only two special needs squads competing in Florida. They're trying to raise money to make sure all the girls make it to that statewide competition.