Local Officials Help Build a Habitat for Humanity House

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Working on the weekend in the bitter cold may not sound fun, but many local officials from the city and county didn't seem to mind because they knew they were helping Tara Adams, a mother of six children, who desperately needs a home.

"I'm grateful for the city and county. They've been very nice and they are very hard workers. I appreciate them coming out on cold mornings."

Habitat for Humanity is heading up the effort and they had a large crew helping out. From county and city commissioners who laid a new roof, to Tallahassee firefighters who nailed in the framework of the house, everyone wanted in on the action.

Cindy Dick, Tallahassee Fire Department Chief, said, "Well we're out here cold, but we're out here giving back and that's what it's all about when you have an opportunity to help out each other, especially around the holidays."

The holidays are a time when many focus on giving, something Adams is thankful for.

"I'll cry a little bit, but I know I will be very grateful that me and my kids have our home."

It’s a house they can come home to in February. Tara Adams was approved through Habitat for Humanity and has volunteered 400 hours of her time.