Fatal Accident Leading to Boosted Traffic Patrols

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The Leon County Sheriff's Office says complaints of speeding and reckless driving on Tekesta and Deerlake Roads have been coming in for years.

Deputies have boosted patrols and radars in the area, but after Monday night's motorcycle accident that killed 18-year-old Justin Ferrell, LCSO says deputies will once again be out in full force starting Wednesday night.

Traffic investigators say the roadways can be dangerous because there are so many curves and trees on the side of the road, but if you drive defensively and obey traffic laws there shouldn't be any problems.

Monica Jones believes lighting is playing a role.

"I think the problem is most people are not familiar with the area out here. They need more lights out here. It's really dark on Deerlake, really dark," she said.

LCSO deputies say the two roads are one of several problem areas around the area: Meridian, Old Bainbridge and Tram Road also topping their list. However, deputies say the roads are not always the problem, adding the common denominator in most fatal and serious wrecks is the failure to buckle up and speeding.

Deputies say they were able to determine that Justin Ferrell was wearing his helmet when he lost control of his motorcycle on Deerlake Road.