Fred George Basin to Be Acquired by Leon County

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Leon County commissioners unanimously decided to acquire the Fred George Basin.

It was the decision area environmentalists were hoping for.

There was concern the environmentally sensitive area would be lost to development, but Leon County Commissioners stepped in and decided to purchase the 163 acres of land.

It's a natural habitat of the American Wood Stork, a bird on the national endangered list.

John Dailey, District 3 Commissioner, said, "Overnight, we have created the Fred George Basin Greenway which I am very excited about. We've created a passive park for everyone in Leon County to enjoy."

The property will cost the county about $4.2 million.

Commissioner Dailey calls the decision a victory. The property has been on the Blue Print 2000 acquisition list for nearly a decade; however, on Tuesday night he added something was finally done about it.