Lowndes County Sunday Alcohol Sales

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For many residents and restaurant owners it's a gift just in time for the holiday season.

Karen Connelly, a restaurant owner, said, "Will be able to go NASCAR racing and that along with the alcohol sales and the food, it's an early Christmas present."

In a process taking about six months, including voters approving the referendum in the November 7 election. The city of Valdosta sold its first Sunday drinks on December 3, and now it's the county's turn.

"It should have happened some time ago, but it didn't happen and it's happening now."

Unlike city requirements no new application or fee will have to be approved for county establishments to start selling on Sunday.

Connelly added, "It's going to open a whole new world for us. We're very excited we're opening up Sunday for sure."

County residents are eager to start buying Sunday drinks nearby.

Bill Touchton, a Lowndes County resident, said, "I mean, you can buy alcohol anytime you want to go to Remerton, but the opportunity for us to have you know I'm happy with it."

This referendum only applies to businesses with 50 percent of their profits derived from food sales or room rentals. It will allow nine additional local restaurants to serve alcohol this Sunday.

The updated ordinance has county restaurants especially excited because new year's eve is on a Sunday this year.