Mayors' Motorcade

By Kate Gaier
4:30 pm December 13, 2006

People from all over southwest Georgia taking part in the 48th Annual Mayor's Motorcade.

The fundraiser started in 1958 to make sure patients at state hospitals had a little Christmas joy of their own.

Organizers say many times these patients would have nothing Christmas morning if it weren't for the generous donations.

Camille Payne, the Thomasville Mayor Pro Tem, commented on the event, "The mayor of each city is responsible for organizing their city to collect gifts and monies, etc., that are appropriate for these patients."

Beverly Bajerski with Southwestern State Hospital added, "There's quiet a few people that are indigent that come to us, that don't have any money at all when they arrive and they only have the clothes on their back, so for those folks this is going to mean a lot."

At last count the motorcade brought in nearly $11,000 to make sure patients at Southwestern State Hospital will have a holly jolly Christmas.