Celtic Festival

The biggest festival of the weekend went off with a bang this Saturday. Some 45-thousand people waited hours just to get to this year's Celtic Festival. Bagpipes, kilts, and of course the Irish jig could be found here, but the hottest attraction was a test of strength at the kaber toss, and this year's star is a high school senior. "It was very exciting, it ranks up their with a home run," said Adrienne Funderburke , mother of the kaber toss winner., Clayton Funderburke. "It takes strength and skill and a lot of training. If i hadn't trained Icouldn't have done that today," said Clayton Funderburke, the Celtic games winner.
The festival wrapped up Saturday afternoon, and the celebrations continued after hours, with Shannanigans on Thomasville Road hosting a Scottish party. Besides giving residents a taste of their culture, festival organizers say the event is a big economic boost. Pumping an estimated one-point-eight million dollars into the local economy.