Valdosta National Guard Training

Members of Valdosta's national guard unit are going through some highly specialized combat training this weekend. Inside a group trailers are Bradley fighting vehicle simulators. The soldiers are able to learn and refresh themselves on the latest combat skills. Commanders say having this kind of training system shows the local guardsmen how important they are in America's defense.
Commander Marc Belscamper of the Georgia National Guard said,
"This does help. It shows them that they're important, that the state and federal government actually think of them as an important asset to the country and they're willing to spend the time and money to have this training come to them."
The soldiers are not just training in these Bradley fighting vehicles this weekend, they are also going through weapons training, getting ready for next months trip to Fort Stewart Georgia. The major benefit of simulation training is cost.
The government saves millions each year by using simulators rather than using costly fuel and ammunition. Leaders say the soldiers really look forward to the training.