Burglar Busted

By Julie Montanaro
December 21, 5:40pm

A burglar with a taste for pricey plasma TVs is now behind bars.

A disturbance at a Tallahassee nightclub led to several arrests early Thursday morning, but officers soon discovered one of the men had much more to hide.

Tallahassee police officers unloaded two vans full of flat screens, computers, jewelry and rare coins.

We counted 10 of the pricey plasmas. Officers estimate it's worth tens of thousands of dollars and say it was all stashed in the man's apartment.

"When you open the door, even as an experienced property investigator, and your first words are ‘wow!’ Just the apartment was full, everywhere you looked, in every room was a stolen plasma, stolen jewelry, stolen computers, stolen something. The house was just full of it," said SGT Mark Meadows.

Police say most of the items were stolen from homes in Waverly Hills. Twenty-year-old Justin Major is facing more than a dozen counts of burglary and grand theft.