Community Centers are Keeping Kids Busy During School Break

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Some local community centers are keeping kids busy with afternoon activities.

The Walker-Ford Community Center opens it's doors to children offering different games so the children can interact with one another.

Community center staffers say this outlet is keeping kids safe and parents happy during holiday breaks.

"For kids it's like okay, no parents around, no body around, I can do what I want, but with here you have a positive outlet for all that energy, and you feel good about yourself for doing it", said Nicole Hargraves, attends community center.

"It's in the neighborhood, so it's home turf so to speak, it's safe, and we are familiar with the other kids and the children as well", Nathaniel Hargraves, Nicole's father.

The Walker-Ford Center has extended hours during the winter break staying open from noon until 5:30PM and then from 7PM until 10PM.