SWGTC Students Receive Thousands In Spring Semester Scholarships

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Thomasville, GA- Fifty college students are enrolled in classes this semester thanks to the generosity of others.

The Southwest Georgia Technical College Foundation awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships for the Spring Semester.

Most of the scholarships were created through donations made by members of the Thomasville community.

With the tough economy and competitive job market, students who were awarded the scholarships say, the assistance makes a big difference.

"It pays for books, it helps me with my gas expenses, everything and of course tuition. It just makes life easier while I'm going to school, and puts my mind where it should be, which is on the books instead of on finances," said SWGTC student and scholarship recipient, William Price.

So far, the Southwest Georgia Technical College Foundation has established twenty different scholarships.

It's not too late to register for Spring Semester at SWGTC. The last day to add classes is Monday Jan. 14.