Independence Day Turns Deadly in Valdosta, Two Shooting Victims Speak Out

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The fourth of July proved to be deadly in Valdosta. There were four shootings all within an hour and police say they're unrelated.

All four of the shootings took place between 1:30 and 2:30 in the morning. Now, two surviving victims tell Eyewitness News this was a fourth of July they'll never forget.

While Mattie Sims, 56, sits on her porch reflecting on being shot in the lower leg this weekend, Anthony Tong, 24, is headed to his doctor's office to try and get a bullet removed from his thigh.

"I just happened to look down at my leg and it was just bleeding," Sims said. "It terrified me because I had never been shot before."

"I heard a gunshot and as soon as I hear it, I feel a pain, a sharp pain like somebody punched me in the leg and when I looked down I see the hole," explained Anthony Tong.

Tong and Sims were both shot early Sunday morning.

Tong was shot outside of Andy's Wings and Things by an unknown gun man when a fight broke out.

Sims was shot outside "The House" night club on South Patterson Street by an unknown gunman.

A nightclub patron who had her car windows shot out, describes the scene as chaotic.

She wouldn't go by her full name or show her face on camera because she's afraid the gunman, who hasn't been arrested, will come after her.

"It was real scary," said Shantel. "It's like everybody running everywhere in fear of their life."

But Sims and Tong, whose shootings were unrelated, were lucky, they lived.

That wasn't the case for Jermaine Mitchell, 24.

He was shot multiple times while sitting in his red SUV at the Stone Creek Apartments off Melody Lane.

He died, but his friend, who was in the passenger seat, Desmond Jones, survived.

There are leads in these shootings but no one has been arrested.

Shantel may have summed up this situation the best when she told Eyewitness News, 'You go out on a holiday to have a good time, but you don't expect to be dodging bullets.'


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