Binge Drinking With Bubbly

By Ben Wolf
Thursday, December 28, 2006

As the bubbly beeps across price scanners and grocery store managers straighten up the alcohol aisle for New Year's, local doctors brace themselves.

Dr. Wendy Vandemark said, "They think it's just one or two times, but even those one or two binge episodes can have pretty significant consequences like blackouts, DUI problems," said Dr. Wendy Vandemark, a psychiatrist at Greenleaf Hospital.

Doctors say getting blitzed on just New Year's alone can hit the body hard.

"Even if you test someone's liver enzymes after one episode of binge drinking you can notice some liver damage," said Dr. Vademark.

So what exactly is binge drinking? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports five drinks for men and four drinks for women within two hours qualifies as binging.

But the real question is whether or not people know what binge drinking is.

“No, I wouldn't consider four drinks binge drinking for me because that would just give me a little bit of a buzz," said Valdosta resident Ashley Crane.

"I myself wouldn't consider it binge drinking because I know my own limit," added Valdosta resident Ernest Paccillo.

Doctors hope the next time you pull your drink of choice off the shelf you'll keep in mind the dangers of binge drinking.

Doctors say people who are on medication that drink more than normal during New Year's have a high risk of damaging their bodies.