Would You Eat Meat From a Cloned Animal?

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The government now says food from cloned animals is safe to eat.

"It doesn't seem okay, but if the FDA approved it I would say it is fine," said Jesse McKinnon.

"Whatever they cloned, was it safe? You don't know if it had any bacteria in it," argued Clarissa Thomas.

After more than five years of study, the Food and Drug Administration has concluded cloned livestock is virtually indistinguishable from conventional livestock.

"I believe in order to be cloned, the eggs have to be just right and they have to be healthy. You cannot clone something that is sick or has damaged DNA, anything like that," explained Breanna Croschere.

"I think that if our creator wanted us to eat cloned meat, he would have set it up like that, but he didn't," said Cody Smout.

The FDA also says no special labels are needed to distinguish food from clones or their offspring.

"Everything should be labeled, like a loaf of bread or a quart of milk. You should be aware of anything that goes into you body," said Nadine Gairns.

Final approval is still months away. The agency will accept comments from the public for the next three months.

Officials with the Consumer Federation of America say the FDA is ignoring research that shows cloning results in more deaths and deforming animals than other reproductive technologies.