Panhandle Cemetery Vandalized

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Authorities say about 60 tombstones and grave markers have been damaged at a historic cemetery known for some of its famous residents and alleged paranormal activity.

Caretakers at Coon Hill Cemetery in Santa Rosa County say it's not the first time the remote cemetery has been vandalized.

Alvin Enfinger, who fixes tombstones at the cemetery, counted about 60 tombstones and grave markers that were broken, overturned or damaged. The vandalism was discovered by a visitor to the cemetery who was hoping to see a ghost.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office estimates the damage at $50,000.

Coon Hill Cemetery is home to some of Florida's original state senators and Civil War participants, including some Confederate soldiers. The oldest marked grave is from 1836.

The burial ground's Web site also discusses its history of paranormal activity, including the voice of a girl that can be heard in the cemetery and faces that have allegedly appeared on tombstones.