82-year-old Man Kills Home Invasion Suspect

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"I thought he'd come in here and kill me," says Bradley Harvell.

The 82-year-old Liberty County man got the shock of his life around 9:00 p.m. Sunday night when a man dressed all in black knocked on his door. Harvell lives off of State Road 12, near the town of Bristol, Florida.

When Harvell opened the door, he says the man shocked him with a stun device. The intruder then pushed his way into the home.

"He was saying give me your money," says Harvell. "All of it. I want all of it."

Harvell says he gave the would-be thief some money, but then he wanted more. Harvell says there was a struggle.

"All of a sudden, I reached down here and the thing over here and got a pistol that I had down there. A 357 magnum pistol that I've had for years and I brought it out and I shot him," says Harvell. He says he shot twice and killed the intruder.

Liberty County Sheriff's deputies have identified the would-be robber as 24-year-old Octavius Barnes. He died at the scene.

Harvell says he didn't know Barnes. Friends think Harvell's rural home was targeted because it is attached to his business, a bar called The Slip and Slide.

All day, his friends have been coming by to check on him.

"I was kind of scared for him, but I guess he can take care of himself," says friend Eugene Jacobs.

"He seems to be doing well," says Irma Kidwell, Harvell's second cousin.

"I think they underestimated Bradley," says friend Theresa Kever. "He's still going strong."

As if to prove it, 20 hours after the ordeal, Harvell opened his bar back up for business.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation. A spokesperson says, in addition to the stun device, the invader was also carrying a toy pistol. Autopsy results should be available on Tuesday.

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