Waste Flap in Midway

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Some residents in the city of Midway are making a "stink" about trash pickup. They say city officials are leaving them on the "curb" as they try to get a specific waste company in the area.

Workers for the Waste Pro Management Company are busy picking up trash in the Killearn area. The company is temporarily doing the same in the city of Midway after Waste Management was told its services were no longer needed.

Rick Bateman, attorney for Waste Management, said, "The Democrat had written we abruptly quit services. We fulfill all our obligations to the city manager told us the contract was awarded to Waste Pro as of January 1st, so obviously after December 31 we didn't come back until we got calls from some citizens."

Midway city officials’ request for proposal now requires prospective bidders to show the equipment is fairly new. Some residents say that's a ploy to keep qualified companies out of the bidding process.

Jerry Range, Midway Chamber of Commerce member, said, “No wonder why they say the vehicle has to be two years or newer. That's a monopoly plot to keep Waste Management from getting a fair bid that not fair. All we want is what's fair for the citizens and the right thing for our citizens."

Citizens who are now encouraging city council members to resubmit the proposal for qualified companies to get a fair chance to bid on trash pickup.

City manager Paul Piller would not comment on this story, but did say he will re-advertise the bid for new waste pickup in area papers.