Brown and Andrews Guilty of Murder

January 11, 10:51pm

A Tallahassee man and woman are found guilty of murder.

Danny Joe Brown and Udreka Andrews were both charged with murder in the death of 24-year-old Mylon Lowe. It took one jury just over an hour to pronounce Brown guilty and the other jury more than five hours to pronounce Andrews guilty.

Andrews admitted to officers that it was her idea to seduce Mylon Lowe, and even to beat and rob him, but in court, her lawyer tried to spare her a murder rap, saying the two shots fired by Danny Joe Brown were never part of the plan.

"Is there any evidence that Miss Andrews intended that Mr. Lowe die that night? None. No evidence at all," argued Andrews's attorney Adam Ruiz.

But prosecutors say plan or no plan, Mylon Lowe died in the middle of that botched robbery and both Danny Joe Brown and Udreka Andrews must be held responsible.

"She is just as guilty of felony murder as her co-defendant, Danny Brown, who actually pulled the trigger," said prosecutor Robin Lotane.

Danny Joe Brown's attorney argued Brown fired the fatal shots in self defense after Lowe went for his gun, but jurors clearly didn't buy it. Danny Joe Brown was found guilty of murder, armed robbery, burglary and grand theft of a firearm and sentenced to life in prison.

Their decision for Udreka Andrews five hours later Thursday night was guilty on all counts.

Andrews faces life in Prison. Her sentencing is set for February Ninth. Lowe's family was in tears as the verdicts were read. Family members are glad their loved one's killers will be locked up for life.

"This is a great relief for me. It's been a long, hard journey," said Lowe's mother, Janie Knight.

Lowe's father, Robert Lowe says the family can now begin to move on.

"It's justice just knowing nobody else will have to go through that at the hand of that person that he's not able to do that to anybody else again makes a big difference to me. This gives me some closure to put this behind me and move on."