$19 Million for Georgia Fishing

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Beautiful scenery, peaceful surroundings, and nothing but a tackle box and a fishing pole; state officials say this is how one in every six Georgians like to kick back and relax. Now Governor Sonny Perdue wants to spend $19 million to preserve and improve the fishing industry.

Betty Butler fishes every now and then and says the money is definitely needed. She says, "They need to keep places up, because a lot of places you can't get into, and they need to clean them out."

Governor Perdue says every year residents and tourists spend nearly $600 million on fishing. Lake Seminole alone attracts people from all over south Georgia as well as Alabama. Governor Sonny Perdue is also asking for 50-million dollars to preserve areas just like this so Georgians will always have a place of recreation as businesses go up all over the state.

Bryan Gray is the park manager for Seminole State Park and he says, "Fishing is not just about catching the fish, it's about spending time in the great outdoors, being away from the everyday beat of life."

Part of the plan for the $19 million is to create world-class resources for people who love fishing and boating. Governor Purdue himself is and avid fisherman and says it's a huge industry in the South, as well as a peaceful activity that brings in millions of dollars for the state of Georgia.