FAMU Presidential Search Down to the Wire

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Students on FAMU's campus seem to be the most excited about next week. They hope the presidential candidates will speak openly on issues like financial aid and recruitment.

Finalists include Dr. James Ammons, Dr. Howard Johnson and Dr. Thelma Thompson.

Ammons, a FAMU graduate, currently serves as president of North Carolina Central in Durham. He began his teaching career in the late 70's and has a background in public policy and administration.

"We are all excited about them coming to campus. This is a clear distinction of progress in the presidential search process. We have three qualified individuals coming to interview and it just shows the reputation that FAMU is still stellar across the nation," said Phillip Agnew, FAMU's student body president.

Johnson, a Chicago native, is vice president of academic affairs with the University of North Texas. His background is in mathematics. Johnson is a noted author of several grants and a well known mathematics educator.

"A lot of people here at the university work at the university, but I think they tend to forget why they are here: for the students. So I think that's the most important quality the next university president has," said Ebony Manchion, President of FAMU's Student Senate.

Thompson serves as the president of the University of Maryland eastern shore and has a background in English literature.

A native of Jamaica, Thompson has taught at all levels of education from elementary to graduate school. She has over a dozen essays and journal articles to her credit.

"Besides books and school, we should not have to worry how financial aid and how papers need to go through the system. A lot of things administratively need to be fixed," said FAMU student Charles Manchion.

During the 16th, 17th and 18th, each candidate will have a chance to meet with students for lunch at FAMU's Grand Ballroom.