Busloads of Floridians Call for Insurance Relief

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Carrying signs and wearing matching t-shirts, the latest crowd of frustrated homeowners came up from Brevard County.

After seeing the governor and cabinet, they met with the Senate’s main man on the insurance crisis in person.

Citizen groups have been coming up to the Capitol all week from Spanish-speaking neighborhoods in South Florida to sinkhole-plagued Pasco County, all speaking with one voice, and lawmakers really are paying attention.

State Rep. Bob Allen led the Brevard County group around. He says the insurance crisis has resonated with ordinary Floridians in ways he’s not seen before.

Rep. Bob Allen said, "Waitresses in restaurants write their recent premiums on napkins and give them to me as examples."

It is rare that you actually have lawmakers pushing regular folks to come up here and weigh in, but that’s exactly what’s happening on the insurance issue, starting at the top.

Gov. Charlie Crist says don’t underestimate the power of a good protest.

"It is powerful, it is meaningful and it makes an enormous difference, and if they can't get here, it's good for them to contact their members of the House and Senate, remind them of how important this is," Gov. Crist said.

Lawmakers’ very political futures could well depend on whether they listen.