Raa Kidnap Attempt a Hoax

Patrol cars swarmed a Tallahassee middle school after a masked man tried to kidnap a student on campus.

However, it turns out the girl's story was a lie that brought out the dogs and resulted in the lock down of two schools.

The call came in at 10:20 a.m. A man tried to kidnap a female student behind the gym at Raa Middle School.

"She reported that the man grabbed her, she had to fight with him, she was able to break free and he was last seen leaving the area from campus south on 10th Avenue," said Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesman Chris Chase.

Dogs scoured the neighborhood. Deputies checked footprints in the schoolyard. Officers even pulled over a city bus when the driver thought she saw a man matching the description on board.

Two and a half hours later the 6th grader admitted to the sheriff that she made up the whole story.

"It was an erroneous report. It didn't happen. A little girl for a lot of reasons made up the facts of the story,” said Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell.

Campbell says the girl may have been influenced by a recent kidnap attempt at Ruediger Elementary right next door and the discovery of those kidnapped boys in the Midwest. He says they will not be filing criminal charges for the false report.

Superintendent Jackie Pons says the girl will not be disciplined at school either.

"We're going to help this individual, talk to them and counsel them, use this as an experience that our school safety plan is in place," she said.

An LCSO spokesman says more than 50 deputies, police officers and FDLE agents were on the scene trying to track down the purported kidnapper.

He couldn't put a price tag on the call out, but the sheriff said no matter the dollar figure, he'd do it all again tomorrow if a child appears to be in harm's way.