Four Arrested in Huge Drug Bust

He’s been working in law enforcement in our area for 23 years.

The Suwannee County sheriff says he's never seen such a large drug bust within city limits, a total of 330 grams of cocaine, 218 grams of crack cocaine, 112 grams of powdered cocaine and 20 ecstasy pills.

The Suwannee County Sheriff's Office says a group of dealers were busted with almost $34,000 dollars worth of drugs.

Terrance Devon Loper, Kissy Johnson, Johnnie Lee Williams and Lakeisha Tillman are all behind bars.

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron said Thursday, "We knew that there was a lot of illegal drug activity in the area of 640 Washington Avenue. We actually purchased cocaine from that residence. Then we got a search warrant so that we could gain entrance."

All four suspects are in the Suwannee County Jail charged with trafficking and possession of cocaine.