FAMU's Band Gives New Meaning to "Super Bowl Performance"

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They're no stranger to Super Bowl hype. The Florida A&M Marching 100 in 2005 performed in the pre-game show. This time it is the main event in Miami, the half-time show.

"For me to know that Florida A&M University will be a part of this, 150 million people watching the most entertaining, most televised production in the world. So that's the kind of thing that gives me a great deal of pride," said Julian E. White, Director of the Band.

"To know that I'm at an HBCU where there is predominantly black and we're playing at the Super Bowl and there are two black coaches and that we're playing at the same Super Bowl where the two black coaches are coaching, it's quite an honor," said Charles Moore, a tuba player who performed in Super Bowl XXIX.

The nation's number one black college band from the nation's number one college for black students in a Super Bowl, featuring two black head coaches for the very first time.

"I can't tell you a thing about the music except it will be Prince and the Florida A&M band and you definitely will enjoy it," added White.

The first time the band played in the Super Bowl the airing of their performance was cut short for commercials and pre-game analysis. This time the Marching 100 will be center stage with singing legend Prince.

"Pre-game is just a warm up of what you're going to see later on, so that Super Bowl was basically a warm-up of what you're going to see this Super Bowl," added Moore.

The Rattlers band will head to Miami for rehearsals with Prince on January 31.