Retirees Plead for Affordable Health Insurance


President Bush talked about it during his State of the Union Address last night, and it seems to be a growing problem, affordable health insurance, especially for retirees.

Now a local group is fighting to get the attention of state lawmakers. The group's organizer says after retiring from the state six years ago, she's paying more than half her salary in health insurance, and many other retirees are doing the same.

Now the group of about 250 retirees is pleading for relief. Many say as of this spring, they'll be paying more than $900 monthly for family coverage health insurance, and more than $400 for a single person's coverage.

The group called Affordable Health Insurance for Florida Retirement System Retirees is brainstorming and strategizing on ways to try and help their critical situation.

The retirees say they're thankful for the progress lawmakers made during the special session on homeowners insurance, but now it's time to tackle the issue of soaring health insurance rates.

They've planned a demonstration at the Capitol for next month. They've been working with Sen. Al Lawson and Rep. Bob Allen on bills the two legislators plan to introduce to try to defray health insurance costs.